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I’m Not Crazy--Just Menopausal
by Jamela Franklin © 2007

Menopause/Women’s Issues
Health/Spirituality/Self Empowerment
African American topics
ISBN 13: 978-0-615-14599-0


Finally, a book has arrived that gives both women and men of all ages a humorous perspective about Menopause,* PMS, as well as other hormonal symptoms which many women will experience at some point in their lives. It helps women and men identify and understand these physiological changes. Additionally, the book offers holistic solutions and remedies for some of the symptoms.

By describing these symptoms with humor, the stigma commonly attached to Menopause, PMS and other hormonal symptoms is dispelled. The book, also, provides insight about life from a Baby Boomer’s perspective.

Included within these pages are the following:

  • A Menopause and Baby Boomer questionnaire
  • Affirmations and visualizations for Menopausal symptoms
  • Affirmations for Baby Boomer challenges
  • Poetic insights about the Menopausal and Baby Boomer years
  • Aromatherapy treatments for Menopause and PMS
  • List of Suggested Websites, resource guide, and readings regarding Menopause
  • Journal

After reading this book, you will never view PMS, Menopause, or the Baby Boomer years the same ever again.

*For easier reading, Perimenopausal, Premenopausal symptoms are also included within the Menopausal symptoms category.

What a wonderful book Ms. Franklin has created. She brings Menopause to life with such humor and love. Ms. Franklin reminds us that we, as women, are divine beings with hot flashes, swelling feet, and changing attitudes. We, as the Baby Boomers, are redefining and sharing our ideas about Menopause, this wonderful experience of empowerment, as a result of the written words of Jamela Franklin.

Jacqueline Scott, Reiki Master and Licensed Esthetician.