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Aromatherapy is an ancient Egyptian art and science which uses essential oils to eliminate stress from the body. A proven and effective solution for stress reduction, this holistic treatment is extremely soothing and relaxing.

Jamela’s Scents, organic and natural essential oils and customized blends, are designed to eliminate stress and toxins from the body safely. Jamela’s Scents are 100% natural and are made from aromatic plants.

Jamela Franklin, the founder and owner of Jamela’s Scents, is a Psychotherapist and Holistic Health Practitioner who is certified in Aromatherapy. Ms. Franklin has developed special blends that are 100% safe. All blends are one ounce blends and should last 5 to 6 months. Listed below are special blends for menopause, PMS, other hormonal concerns, fatigue, stress, sleeplessness, and other concerns.

The Goddess Blend - A stimulating blend for the loss of libido. 1 oz. $20.00
Release - Excellent for reducing the appearance of cellulite on thighs and buttocks. All natural blend and cellulite brush. 1 oz. $25.00
Peace Be Still - Number #1 blend for stress! Excellent blend for hot flashes, sleeplessness, mood swings, and stressful moments. 1 oz.
YES! - A prosperity body blend. 1 oz.
Flow & Motion Diabetic and Poor Circulation Blend - Releases stress and stimulates circulation in the hands, legs and feet. Lasts 5 to 6 months. 1 oz. $20.00
Katie’s Chest and Cold Blend - Excellent for stress connected to chest colds and sinus congestion. Lasts 5 to 6 months. 1 oz. $20.00
Prosperity Spray - An aromatic spray that leaves a wonderful fragrance in the air and allows the mind to allow prosperity to come easily and effortlessly. 48 oz. $20.00
Sage Spray - Great substitute for Sage Bush for those who desire a clean smell with the same effects of burning sage. 48 oz. $20.00

You can use the one-ounce blends in your bath water, in the shower, or on your skin as perfume. Do not take internally. Add seven to eight drops to the bath water after the tub is full of water and allow the body to release all the stress and tension stored within it. For the shower, apply a few drops on the body and massage into the skin either during the shower or after the shower. 

Another way to enjoy the benefit of the blends is to put three drops in the palms of the hands. Rub the palms together; then, inhale the scent deeply and exhale. Inhale and exhale 10 times. However, for YE$, only apply as directed on the instruction sheet that accompanies the blend. As a perfume, apply a few drops to the wrists, neck, and areas of your choice. Do not use if pregnant.

Ms. Franklin makes no medical claims that these aromatherapy blends will cure any physical or medical problem. Jamela’s Scents, aromatherapy blends and oils, release stress from the body by stimulating the olfactory (smell) nerves. Approximately 75% to 95% of diseases are stress-related. Jamela’s Scents provide a holistic solution for stress.

Ms. Franklin will also provide private consultations and customized blends for interested clients. The fee is contingent upon the services that are requested.

Many other blends are available. To order other blends, or other aromatherapy products, click here to contact us.

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