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Reflections Of The Soul
Holistic Health

Reflections of the Soul: A Memoir
by Jamela Franklin © 2016

Health/Spirituality/Self Empowerment/Inspiration
ISBN 13: 978-0692811320


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Reviews for Reflections of the Soul: A Memoir

Jamela Franklin's memoir, Reflections of the Soul, gives the reader an insight into her evolution into the incredible woman she is today. FEAR and Who are You? are compelling and thought provoking vignettes into that evolution. Once we stop allowing false evidence appearing real (FEAR) to paralyze us, we can answer the questions who we are and what we were created to do on this earth. After presenting such an in depth analysis of her own life, Ms. Franklin leads the readers to think very deeply and to examine their own destiny in order to answer the question-Who Are You? 

LaFrancynne Weary, Educator


Being in a similar stage of life, I find that what I like about being in my 60s is that I think I have finally begun to achieve some "wisdom," and that one of life's great joys is the ability to share some of it with others. I am struck by your insights and how they are similar to some that I am having now. You have taken the trials of your life's journey, and shared the wisdom that you have accumulated. Your having done it in a very readable, accessible way, I can only imagine that your story would give great comfort to others facing similar or different challenges. They can say, "Look, there is a woman like me. She overcame some challenges, achieved insights, and found peace. Perhaps I can too." Thank you SO much for sharing your life’s lessons.

Michelle Holmes, M.D.